TerraUSD Crash Led to Vanished Savings, Shattered Dreams

TerraUSD was touted as a blue-chip cryptocurrency. Now its investors are reeling from painful losses and asking if it was all a get-rich-quick scheme. A surgeon in Massachusetts can’t stop thinking about how he lost his family’s nest egg. A young Ukrainian considered suicide after losing 90% of his savings. Other investors have given up … Read more

Tariffs on China Throw Shade on the US Solar Industry

The Biden administration lobbies for renewable energy funding programs that nominally support the US solar industry. However, I sit on the boards of four solar energy companies that are being harmed badly by existing US tariffs and threats of new ones. Two of those companies are suffering through serious financial problems, and three are refocusing … Read more

Swamped US Seaports Are Bracing for an Earlier Peak Shipping Season

America’s seaports are stretched to their limit just as retailers and manufacturers are set to begin their seasonal rush of importing ahead of the fall and end-of-year holidays. With shippers seeking to avoid the risk of delays, this year’s peak shipping season is expected to start weeks earlier than usual, at the end of June, … Read more

The Fed Minutes Are Here. 4 Key Themes to Watch.

Minutes from the Federal Reserve’s May meeting can be read here. Read a preview below and check back for more analysis. When the Federal Reserve on Wednesday releases the minutes from its most recent policy meeting, investors will get a deeper look at deliberations over monetary-policy tightening and officials’ views of the economy. During the … Read more

Rising Interest Rates Concern Apartment-Building Owners, Renters

Investors who bid up apartment-building prices to record levels over the past year are starting to come under pressure as rapidly rising interest rates squeeze their profits. Steeper borrowing rates make it harder for apartment landlords to pay back their loans. That could also be bad news for tenants, if it encourages building owners to … Read more

Elon Musk and the Baby Bust

Photo: Seth Wenig / Associated Press Due to recent declines in stock prices, Elon Musk is now down to his last $ 200 billion. But despite all the sellers in today’s market, Mr. Musk is not letting those vast herds get him down. Instead, the Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder is once again offering compelling … Read more

Glencore Settles Corruption and Bribery Charges in US, UK, Brazil

Glencore GLNCY 2.32% PLC said Tuesday that it would pay at least $ 1.2 billion and that two business units would plead guilty to bribery in the UK and to conspiracy to violate US anticorruption laws, resolving criminal probes that have hung over the global mining and trading business for years. The long-awaited guilty pleas … Read more